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At Lake Travis Aesthetics, we want to pair you with an injectable, collagen induction, or IV drip to help you feel & look your best.
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Botox, Dermal Fillers, & Hair Restoration in Bee Cave, TX

At Lake Travis Aesthetics, we believe in living well through a combination of feeling and looking your absolute best. When you have the energy, confidence, and nutrition you need to meet the challenges in your life, you’re more likely to succeed with a smile. For fine lines, wrinkles, and new or old acne scars, we offer the latest in RF microneedling technology—a form of collagen induction therapy capable of handling multiple imperfections in a single sitting. For plumper lips or a fuller face, we maintain a comprehensive catalog of the latest dermal fillers and lip fillers. Our 8-point dermal filler technique tactically volumizes multiple locations to reform your facial structure and add contour and shape where you want it most.

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Expertise You Can Count On

After 15 years in the plastic surgery industry, Marla Barczewski (BSN, RN) decided to open a wellness and beauty location of her own. More than just outer beauty, Marla wanted to focus on educating her patients so that they could be the central driver of their own wellness goals.

Now, with locations in Lakeway, TX, and Bee Cave, TX, Marla uses her skilled hands as an injector and her keen understanding of cosmetic and aesthetic sciences to guide and improve the lives of each and every patient. Find what you need to reclaim your sense of self and your drive to succeed by calling Lake Travis Aesthetics at (512) 435-9140 today!

Improve Outer Beauty & Inner Wellness

For outer beauty, inner wellness, and harmony between the two, there's a treatment available at Lake Travis Aesthetics in Bee Cave, TX. For inner wellness, we offer immune-strengthening vitamin boost, tailored vitamin shots, and completely customized IV drips. Support weight loss, libido, concentration, and mood, or recovery from the best trip of your life at Lake Travis Aesthetics in Bee Cave, TX.

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Our Most Popular Services

You know the name, now try it for yourself.

Dermal & Lip Fillers
Add plump & shape where you want it most.

RF Microneedling
Inspire skin to tighten, heal, and glow

Medspa Treatments FAQs

What makes dermal fillers at Lake Travis Aesthetic different?

Dermal fillers and Botox have been around for some time. But while the ingredients may not change too much from year to year, the way these leading-edge injectables are used does. At Lake Travis Aesthetics, we employ several unique methods for our injectables. We can address individual areas or add shape with our Lip Flip, Micro-Tox, Lower-Face Tox, Downturned Smile, and Orange Peel Chin applications. We also recommend an 8-point dermal filler technique for tactical volumizing across your facial structure. Call us today to learn more at (512) 435-9140.

What is IV therapy?

You've seen IVs used in medical dramas or received one yourself during a visit to a healthcare provider. Our IVs are similar, only they deliver customized blends of vitamins and nutrients rather than medications. At Lake Travis Aesthetics, we can listen to your concerns and design an IV drip to supercharge libido, accelerate weight loss, assist concentration, or help you recover from a great time. Schedule your IV therapy appointment today by calling (512) 435-9140.

How do PRP & PRF help with hair restoration?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) are natural healing substances derived from your own bloodstream. Both PRP and PRF contain nearly unduplicatable healing properties that—when condensed into a serum—can inspire regeneration at the cellular level. PRP is commonly used in facial rejuvenation and RF microneedling procedures, but can also combine with PRF to increase blood flow to hair follicles or aid in the delivery of hair-boosting vitamins and minerals. Learn more by calling (512) 435-9140 today.

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