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Reinforce Your
Immune System in Seconds
Vitamin boost shots repair chinks in your immune system’s armor, keeping you happy, healthy, & well-balanced.
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Vitamin Boost Shots in Lakeway, TX

As we sleep, commute, walk through a park, or sit in our office chair, our immune system silently patrols the channels and vessels of our bodies. Like a disciplined commando unit, your immune system is on high alert—catching and killing foreign bodies before they throw your internal systems into chaos. Your top-notch organization of proteins, white blood cells, and organs need energy to remain vigilant.

Before or after a big trip, during the busy holiday season, or during particularly contagious times of year, our vitamin boost shots keep you up and at it so that you can handle whatever life throws at you. 

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How Vitamin Boost Works

By tallying the individual components that make up your immune system, it’s possible to identify which vitamins and minerals you need to support your defense against illness. Vitamin B is especially crucial to immune function. Common in beef liver, tuna, and salmon, vitamin B is less effective when ingested. When processed through your digestive system, the effects aren’t as immediate or long-lasting as you need. 

At Lake Travis Aesthetics, we deliver potent amounts of vitamin B in a quick shot so that more of the necessary energy is bioavailable for your immune system. In just minutes you can get what you need to stay happy, healthy, and well-balanced.

Immune Strengthening Results

At Lake Travis Aesthetics, we can give your immune system what it needs to tirelessly combat infections, ward off colds, and stop illness in its tracks. With our science-backed vitamin boost shots, you can be in and out in mere minutes with a reinforced immune system to show for it.

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Vitamin Boost FAQs

Which vitamins are good for immune health?

Vitamin B is perhaps the most important source of energy for your immune system, but there are other vitamins that provide a minor boost to immune health. Vitamins C, E, A, and D also play a part in reinforcing your defense system, as do folic acid, iron, and zinc. Many of us take daily multivitamins to ensure proper nutrition, but ingesting vitamins is markedly less efficient than the vitamin boost shots on offer at Lake Travis Aesthetics.

How does the immune system work?

The white blood cells, organs, and proteins that make up your immune system have the remarkable ability to identify, contain, and eliminate foreign bodies (antigens). Antigens may include bacteria, viruses, spores, toxins, and other harmful agents. 

Once identified, these antigens are confronted by antibodies. Antibodies lock onto the antigens before calling in for reinforcements from T cells—a type of white blood cell specifically designed to destroy harmful intruders before they cause substantial damage. By boosting this process with our Vitamin B shots, you’re supporting your immune system’s efforts from the top down.

Do vitamin boost shots really work?

The goal of any immune boosting therapy or treatment option is a well-balanced and responsive immune system. Everyone processes vitamins and nutrients differently. After a fun vacation, during times of stress, and during certain times of year, a lack of proper nutrition can compromise the function of your immune system just enough to allow intruders in. 

To combat this, our vitamin B immune boost shots balance out and reinforce your antibodies, T cells, and overall immune response. Learn more by calling Lake Travis Aesthetics today at (512) 435-9140.

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