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Inspire tighter, brighter, smoother, and scar-free skin by boosting collagen production at Lake Travis Aesthetics.
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Expert RF Microneedling Services in Lakeway, TX

As a child, adolescent, and young adult, your skin worked overtime to produce collagen and elastin—two vital structural proteins responsible for overall skin health. But as we age, our bodies divert resources, lose inspiration, and ultimately slow down our healing response. As a result, sun damage, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars start to add up—especially for those of us with acne or other chronic skin conditions. 

Thankfully, with just a quick and comfortable RF (radiofrequency) microneedling appointment, you can give your skin the encouragement it needs to heal, tighten, and glow.

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How RF Microneedling Works

When your skin senses damage, it floods the area with healing agents like collagen and elastin. Essentially, RF microneedling “tricks” your skin into sensing a new wound by creating microchannels with extremely fine needles. 

Once these microchannels have been created, radiofrequency energy is sent down into the lower layers of skin where it’s absorbed as heat. This heat further boosts the production and allocation of healing agents within the targeted area. Without any “real” damage to heal, these healing agents set about repairing new and old scars, tightening skin, and improving texture and complexion.

Heal Your Skin

At Lake Travis Aesthetics in Lakeway, TX, we offer nearly comprehensive skin rejuvenation with our Pixel-8 RF Microneedling device.

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Before and After Treatment

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RF Microneedling FAQs

Does RF Microneedling hurt?

An overwhelming majority of patients describe RF microneedling as a completely comfortable procedure. Depending on your sensitivity to needles, a topical anesthetic may be applied to ensure optimal comfort throughout the process. The “microneedles” used for this treatment are small and slight enough to trick your skin into sensing damage without creating more than superficial channels in the skin. As such, it’s a generally discomfort-free procedure for most patients.

How long do RF Microneedling results last?

As a form of collagen induction therapy, the results of RF microneedling can endure for one to two years, but results may vary. After your recommended number of treatments, you should notice an ongoing boost in collagen in the treated area. Old scars should fade over time as the skin remains tight, responsive, and smooth.

Can RF Microneedling help with acne?

RF microneedling has been shown to help with old and new acne scars. While RF microneedling is not recommended during an active outbreak, a course of treatment sessions can encourage faster healing and even fewer outbreaks in some patients. 

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