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Bespoke Nutrition to Support
Your Goals—Whatever They Are
Quickly receive the vitamins & minerals you need to face your challenges & achieve your aspirations at Lake Travis Aesthetics.
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Vitamin Shots & Custom IV Therapy in Lakeway, TX

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to summon the focus needed to finish a big project by deadline. We can’t will our bodies into having more energy or command our libidos to function at higher levels. And for those of us working hard to achieve our weight loss goals, we know all too well how sometimes, you just hit a wall. We can struggle with our bodies and wish we had the energy, focus, or metabolism we want, or we can support our efforts with custom IV drips at Lake Travis Aesthetics in Lakeway, TX.

In a quick and comfortable, 45-minute IV therapy session, you give your body the fuel it needs to focus, love, party, or exercise harder and better than before. Our vitamin shots can also deliver much-needed fuel for an immediate boost. 

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How Custom IV Therapy Works

During your consultation at Lake Travis Aesthetics, we’ll discuss your needs, your goals, and any upcoming projects or trips you may have. Afterwards, we’ll develop a custom IV drip to supply you and your body with the vitamins and nutrients you need to succeed. In one to two IV therapy sessions each month, you’ll continue to receive goal and lifestyle-supporting energy.

Our vitamin shots can also deliver adjacent results in a fraction of the time. Vitamins D and B boost energy and immunity while our MIC shots (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) assist with weight loss and metabolism. Whatever you need can be found at Lake Travis Aesthetics in Lakeway, TX.

Increase Nutritional Energy

For everything from hangovers to sex drives, concentration to mood, there's a vitamin and nutrient solution. Your body's internal systems often underperform when they lack the energy they need. By designing your own custom IV drip, you deliver bespoke, nutritional energy straight into your bloodstream without watering down the effects by going through your digestive tract.

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Custom IV Therapy FAQs

How can IV drips or vitamin shots enhance libido?

Though a mystery to us on a practical basis, the science behind our libido is well understood. Vitamin B supplies us with energy while vitamin E supports a healthy sperm count. Other vitamins and amino acids improve blood flow, enhance sexual function, boost testosterone, and can even combat many of the symptoms common to erectile dysfunction. 

Call Lake Travis Aesthetics at (512) 435-9140 today, and let us tell you more about our libido-boosting vitamin shots and custom IV drips.

How many IV therapy sessions do I need each month?

At Lake Travis Aesthetics, your IV therapy sessions can be scheduled on a recurring or as-needed basis. For recovery, immune support, and focus, you might consider receiving a custom drip the week of or week before a big event. For libido, weight loss, and overall energy levels, you may consider a recurring session scheduled for once or twice each month. However you need it, whenever you need it, Lake Travis Aesthetics has a custom IV drip with your name and needs on it.

What’s the difference between vitamin shots and IV drips?

The primary difference between a vitamin shot and an IV drip centers on the volume of vitamins delivered in each session. Obviously, with a shot, we’re limited to the amount of vitamins and nutrients that can be transferred via hypodermic needle. With an IV drip, we’re able to deliver more helpful vitamins but over a longer period of time. A vitamin shot is ideal for a quick, potent boost, while an IV drip provides longer-lasting, if slowly administered, energy. Try one or both today by calling us at (512) 435-9140.

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