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New Treatment Option-Non Surgical Facelift-Pixel8 RF

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New Treatment Option-Non Surgical Facelift-Pixel8 RF

In addition to injectables, we have added  PIXEL8 Micro Needling with Radio Frequency to our menu of services. We are loving this treatment as it has minimal downtime and is available for all skin type, ages, etc. We can tighten your neck and décolletage, reduce the fine lines around your eyes, fade scars and stretch marks (including acne scars) and so much more. It uses Micro needling along with the heat of Radio Frequency to create a microscopic injury to the dermis and epidermis. Your body responds immediately and for the coming weeks by producing collagen to come and repair the injuries. So while you will see results right away, the improvements will continue over about 4-6 will keep getting better! For troubled areas, we can do one treatment every four weeks for a series of three. For smaller or less stubborn areas, you may only need it once and then maintenance once or twice a year.

Let us know what questions you have about the Pixel8.

We are the only office in the area to offer this treatment and we couldn't be more excited!

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